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NBA 2K18: All 2KTV Episode 1 Answers


NBA 2K18: All 2KTV Episode 1 Answers

Get 600 VC easily!

NBA 2K18: All 2KTV Episode 1 Answers

Playing matches and spending money on microtransactions isn’t the only way to earn Virtual Currency (VC) in NBA 2K18. Similar to past games in the series, answering a few questions in the weekly 2KTV show rewards you with VC. With VC being extremely hard to come by in NBA 2K18, you’ll want to take every opportunity you can to earn more money in-game.

Usually, you can earn around 400 to 600 VC for each 2KTV episode. Some 2KTV episodes might even reward you with a new outfit for your character or a card pack for MyTeam.

You can earn a total of 600 VC in this week’s episode. While you only have a limited time to answer each trivia, the order of questions in 2KTV aren’t randomized, so you don’t have to panic looking for the right answers in our guide. Below are all the questions and answers in order of sequence as they appear in the NBA 2K18 2KTV Episode 1:

  1. What are you going to focus on first in your MyCAREER? Answer: Any (50 VC)
  2. Tobias Harris averaged how many points per game last season? Answer: 16.1 PPG (100 VC)
  3. Jayson Tatum made his NBA 2K debut in which game? Answer: 2K18 (100 VC)
  4. Kyrie Irving was drafted with what pick in the 2011 NBA draft? Answer: 1st Overall (100 VC)
  5. Who would you want on your Pro-Am team? Answer: Any (50 VC)
  6. What would you like to see in a future Expert Tips segment? Answer: Any (50 VC)
  7. Which high school did Kyrie Irving attend first? Answer: Montclair Kimberly Academy (100 VC)
  8. What should you NOT do on offense to maintain spacing? Answer: Chase the Ball (100 VC)
  9. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Week! Answer: Any (50 VC)

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