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The iPhone X is Real, and it’s an Incredible Piece of Technology

iPhone X

The iPhone X is Real, and it’s an Incredible Piece of Technology

The future is here.

The iPhone X is real. Featuring an entirely glass screen, there are no buttons on the face of the device. The display is also a leap forward, lovingly labeled by Apple as the Super Retina Display, with 2436x and an OLED display, which is a first for the iPhone. It also supports HDR and has 3D touch technology integrated directly into the screen.

Because there is no Home Button, you can simply touch the screen to wake the device. Swiping up from the bottom will bring you to the home screen. This will work in apps as well. The entire device will be controlled by swipes. Siri will be accessed via the side button. The absence of the Home Button also means that Touch ID is no longer possible. it will be replaced by Face ID – a facial recognition system that can be used to unlock the phone. It only works when you are looking at the front-facing camera. It is also much more secure than Touch ID. The chance that someone else can unlock your phone and unlock it with their face is one in a million. Face ID can also be used with Apple Pay and any third party apps that integrate the technology.

The iPhone X also includes a neural engine to power the facial recognition. It is an incredibly fast processor, capable of managing over 6 Million operations per second.

The Face ID will also be used in conjunction with Animoji, allowing you to use your face to control the animation of an emoji.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X begin October 27 with the device becoming available on Nov. 3 for $999.

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