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5 Improvements That Show Destiny 2 Is a Worthy Sequel


5 Improvements That Show Destiny 2 Is a Worthy Sequel

Story That Matters

Destiny 2 is finally rolling out across the globe and guardians everywhere are preparing to further the legends they established over the past three years (while some newcomers are just forging their own from scratch). When it was first revealed the game didn’t look too different from its predecessor, prompting many to quickly call it a glorified expansion rather than a worthwhile sequel.

Honestly, you couldn’t be blamed for jumping to that conclusion in this day and age with so many series consisting of rehashed games. However, based on our time so far, Bungie has put the effort in to making it a worthy sequel. Just how did they do that? Let’s take a look, starting with its story.

Destiny 2 has a story. A legitimate, engaging, worthwhile story. Players will see the Traveller brought to its knees (we know it’s a globe, just try to appreciate the metaphor), by Ghaul and his Red Legion. The story that kicks off from there is one of loss, hope, and redemption as players seek out a purpose in this dark new world.

The story is not just relegated to main campaign missions either. There are Adventures which provide extra lore to flesh out worlds and characters, there’s lore tied to gear that you can pull up and read from your menu in-game. After all of the complaints of there being no story in the first game, which weren’t unreasonable, Bungie stepped it up and provided a narrative that permeates every single aspect of the game.

It’s easy to find yourself caring about the NPCs you meet this time around, and it’s not just for comedic relief either (we’re looking at you, Cayde-6). They’re just very well done, on a level that wasn’t present in the first game.

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