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Destiny 2: Where Zavala’s Location Is


Destiny 2: Where Zavala’s Location Is

Where Zavala’s Location is in Destiny 2

Commander Zavala returns in Destiny 2 as the Titan Vanguard and hub for Strikes and Nightfalls. These challenging missions have become a staple of Destiny 2’s PvE experience and serve as a great way to get powerful loot. Players who regularly participate in these activities will find themselves visiting Commander Zavala in the Tower quite frequently to up their reputation and gain powerful loot.

Once you have completed the story, you will find Zavala has taken up residence in the Tower. When you spawn into the Tower, look to the right of the Postmaster and Tess Everis at the Eververse Trading Company. There you will see a platform near the center of the courtyard. Zavala is located at the end of that platform.

As you complete Strikes and Nightfalls you will earn Vanguard Tactician Tokens. Turn these into Zavala in the tower to gain Vanguard Tactician reputation and earn Legendary Engrams. The Vanguard Tactician Tokens serve no other purpose. You will also need to visit Zavala to unlock the initial Strike playlist after progressing far enough in the story and again to unlock Nightfalls after completing two regular strikes.

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