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Destiny 2: What Xur’s Currency Is


Destiny 2: What Xur’s Currency Is

What Xur’s Currency Is in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is out and guardians everywhere are fighting hard to rebuild the legends that were torn down by Ghaul and his Red Legion. In order to get stronger, players are running through countless activities in the hopes of getting some amazing gear. Veteran players know that once a week there’s a chance to get something really special, especially if you don’t have the best luck with RNG, and that chance is presented by Xur, Agent of Nine.

He’s a bit different this time around. Instead of just appearing in public spaces, he’s actually going to appear randomly on any of the worlds. Also, you may have noticed that Strange Coins aren’t in the game either. So what could Xur possibly accept for his exotic wares? Legendary Shards. You can get these by dismantling legendary and exotic weapons and armor (aesthetic items don’t give any up).

We’re not sure of what the prices will be like when he finally shows up. But chances are that things will be expensive. So make sure to save up as many of these legendary shards as you possibly can. That way, when you finally do meet Xur in Destiny 2, you’re ready to leave with a ton of gifts.

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