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Destiny 2: How to Get and Do Patrols


Destiny 2: How to Get and Do Patrols

How to Unlock and Do Patrols in Destiny 2

Players of the original Destiny may notice something missing when they go to explore the various locations of Destiny 2. As you move around the open spaces available, there are no Patrols to accept in order to earn some quick EXP and rewards. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist in the game, though, you just have to unlock them.

To unlock Patrols in Destiny 2, you must first go and find all members of the Vanguard (Zavalla, Ikora, and Cayde-6). This is part of the story, so as long as you’re following that, this should come naturally. Once you do, you’ll unlock a quest on the EDZ from Cayde-6. He wants to set up Patrols, but you’ll have to deal with some nasty Cabal to do so. The quest is a bit longer than most, but isn’t difficult at all. Complete it and you’ll unlock Patrols on all planets in Destiny 2.

To actually do a Patrol in Destiny 2, just walk up to one of the flashing green beacons when out in the open world and interact with it. You’ll be given an objective that ranges from scouting a specific location to killing a certain, powerful enemy. Go to the spot that your HUD leads you to and complete the task to earn some easy EXP.

Do note that you can’t fast travel while you have an active patrol. You can quit one by pulling up your ghost and pressing Triangle/Y to exit the activity.

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