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Destiny 2: How to Unlock All Warlock Subclasses (Dawnblade, Voidwalker, and Stormcaller)


Destiny 2: How to Unlock All Warlock Subclasses (Dawnblade, Voidwalker, and Stormcaller)

How to Unlock All Warlock Subclasses in Destiny 2

Just like in the first game, Destiny 2 has multiple subclasses for each available guardian class in the game. Only this time, you get three options during the launch version instead of just two. For the Warlock, those subclasses are the new Dawnblade, vanilla Destiny’s Voidwalker, and The Taken King’s Stormcaller. Over time, you will have all three to choose from and customize so you can be prepared for any and all threats. Below, you’ll find out how to unlock each and every one.

Unlocking All Warlock Subclasses in Destiny 2

Dawnblade – The newest of the subclasses is actually unlocked early on as part of the story. After getting kicked from the Tower, your guardian is left without light. In your search, you discover a Shard of the Traveler. Interacting with it will grant you this powerful new form to use. It’s impossible to miss as it’s part of the story, so just play the first couple of missions and you’ll be all set.

Voidwalker – Although you actually begin the game with this subclass, you lose it right after the opening mission. To get it back, you must obtain a relic that is like a depleted bond (will show up in your inventory and add a quest to the Milestones section of the Director). You can obtain this relic by completing Public Events during your exploration of Destiny 2’s worlds. Once you have it, keep slaying enemies and doing more activities (helps if you have a fireteam), until it’s all charged. When it’s charged, you’ll be prompted to go to the Shard of the Traveler to unlock this subclass.

Stormcaller – The final of the Warlock subclasses in Destiny 2 is unlocked in the exact same way as the Voidwalker, only you’ll get the necessary relic (Cracked Talisman) randomly after completing the Voidwalker quest. Other than the difference in relic and the longer version of the Shard of the Traveler quest, the method is exactly the same.

Now that you all of the Warlock subclasses, show that Cabal scum that made the opening of Destiny 2 hell what you’re really made of.

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