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Destiny 2: How to Trigger Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event


Destiny 2: How to Trigger Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event

How to Trigger the Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event in Destiny 2

Ether Resupply is one of the many different public events that Destiny 2 throws at players as they’re exploring the various worlds. A large Servitor appears, surrounded by plenty of smaller fallen enemies. The standard objective is simple, destroy the Servitor boss. It can take a lot of punishment, as well as teleport you around (sometimes high into the sky), but with some solid weaponry and communication, it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

To trigger the Heroic version of the Ether Resupply Destiny 2 public event, you’ll need to take out a couple of waves of smaller Servitors, called Transport Servitors. They only stick around for 20-30 seconds, and you must destroy them all, so have all members of your Fireteam divert attention to these fellas. If even one leaves without being destroyed, you will have failed to trigger the Heroic Ether Resupply public event.

Once you’ve taken care of the last one, you will be notified that the Heroic version is starting. Unlike other events, the objective for the Ether Resupply doesn’t change. Just kill the large Servitor boss and you’re all set. Do note that it seems to take even more damage at this point, so you’ll need all hands on deck if you’re not really powerful just yet. Save your big guns just for the boss, and maybe have one player focus on the annoying adds (especially the Shanks).

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