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Destiny 2: When Trials Starts


Destiny 2: When Trials Starts

When Trials Starts in Destiny 2

With Destiny 2 here, many players are excited to create their guardians and start building their legends as they take on the Hive, Vex, Fallen, Taken, and, most importantly, the Cabal threats that face their home. PvE is a large draw for Bungie’s shared-world shooter and when the raid launches it will be all they care about. But there are some players who prefer a different type of prey, one that lives, breathes, and thinks without the help of AI. Yup, we’re talking about human prey, and the best guardian hunters show off their skills in Trials.

Trials is a challenging gauntlet of PvP matches where only the best players triumph and earn highly coveted rewards. Of course, since this is an end game activity, Trials won’t be available on day one. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a little over a week before you can show the rest of the guardians what you’re made of. Destiny 2 Trials goes live on Sept. 15 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET on PS4 and Xbox One. Once the game does it’s quick update you can jump in with your fireteam and see if you have what it takes to run through them all without a single loss.

Do note that you’ll want to be as powerful as possible as this does matter in this particular PvP mode. It’s not for the faint of heart. So make sure you have a good team, strong communication, and Shaxx on your side (you can probably do with the Shaxx part, but it doesn’t hurt).

Good luck, guardians. Check out our wiki for more on Destiny 2.

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