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Top 10 Best Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2


Top 10 Best Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

The best weapons you could hope for.

Rat King (Kinetic Sidearm)

Top 10 Best Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2

Weapon Perks:

  • Rat Pack – If nearby fireteam members have this gun equipped, it becomes stronger.
  • Smallbore – Increased range and stability.
  • Tactical Mag – Increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size.
  • Vermin – Reloading immediately after a kill grants a brief period of invisibility.
  • Smooth Grip – Increased stability and handling speed.

The Rat King doesn’t seem like a weapon that would be really good. For starters, it’s a sidearm, which in Destiny 2 requires really close range to have any serious effect. Yet, the Rat King is a really special exotic and one of the best. Sure it’s pretty tough to nab, especially that final Nightfall part, but once you and your friends have it, you’ll see why it’s such a big deal.

When standing in close proximity with other allies wielding the gun, it will glow and do noticeably increased damage. On top of that, reloading right after a kill renders you invisible (lasts around four seconds). In Crucible this has created quite a few fun opportunities. Plus, it’s just a really beautiful gun.

If you find yourself running with the same players often in Destiny 2, this is definitely one weapon that you really want.

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