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Destiny 2 Pyramidion Strike: How to Beat Brakion


Destiny 2 Pyramidion Strike: How to Beat Brakion

How to Beat Brakion in Destiny 2’s Pyramidion Strike

The Pyramidion Strike in Destiny 2 tasks players with taking down Brakion, Genesis Mind, the Vex that took Asher Mir’s arm and made it… well, into a Vex arm. He’s one of the more aggressive bosses you’ll come across in Destiny 2 and can do a ton of damage if you get caught out in the open (we’re pretty sure he has almost perfect aim).

Now when the fight starts with Brakion, just start shooting the large Vex in the face. There will be no extra enemies just yet, so make every shot count. Don’t waste your super just yet, though. After a couple of seconds, Brakion will become immune then dash to one of the sections of the arena and put up a barrier. Head to the circle to his right (will be to your left if you’re looking directly at Brakion). One of those Vex power rings will appear for you capture, with some Vex Goblins nearby. After capturing it, the same will happen to this Destiny 2 boss’ left (your right when facing the boss). Take out the Goblins, capture the point, then start damaging the boss again. Still refrain from using your super, it’s almost time for that.

Brakion will do that weird dash one more time, and put up another barrier. You’ll want to do the exact same thing, only this time there will also be some Minotaurs there to join the fun. Make sure you’re able to kill them quickly as they do a ton of melee damage. Afterwards, you can once again damage the boss. He will dash one more time, but this time there will be no barrier. After that last dash feel free to use your supers whenever you want.

During this part of the fight, when there are no more barriers, Brakion will continuously summon smaller enemies like Minotaurs, Goblins, Fanatics, and Harpies. The Harpies and Fanatics are the most annoying, so have at least one person on your fireteam focus on them, while the whole team continuously moves around. You’ll want to keep moving since many of the enemies, including the boss, like to snipe.

After doing enough damage to Brakion, he will quite literally lose his head and start moving quickly around the map. Just keep away since he has a powerful melee with a strong area of effect that sends players flying (there are no walls so you can fly off the arena). Just continue to chip away, making sure to clear Fanatics and Harpies as you go, until you win.

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