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Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on PS4?


Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on PS4?

Is There Mod Support For Destiny 2 on PS4?

Destiny 2 is out and for the first time PC players can dive in on the action in Bungie’s shared world shooter universe. With the studio finally giving PC a try for the first time, it has many players wondering if mod support is something available not only on computers but on consoles, such as the PS4, as well.

Unfortunately, there is no mod support on PC, nor is there any to be found on the PS4. Due to the fact that Destiny 2 is an always online game, and that progression is carried between PvE and PvP, mods would offer those who use them an unfair advantage going forward. Because of this, Bungie has opted out of providing support for any type of tampering with files.

This even includes something as simple as aesthetic mods. Those can range from character skins to weapon designs that don’t necessarily change how you play, but can still have an effect on the game at large (especially since many cues in Destiny 2 are visual, such as realizing what gun an opponent has in their hands and knowing how to fight against it). The studio hasn’t said if they’d consider mod support for the future on PS4 or any of the other platforms, but it’s reasonable to believe that it’s never going to happen. Who knows, maybe Destiny 3 may shake things up.

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