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Destiny 2: How to Join a Faction


Destiny 2: How to Join a Faction

How to Join a Faction in Destiny 2

In order to join a faction in Destiny 2, first you must complete the quest ‘Faction Rallies’ which is started by Arach Jalaal in the Hangar at the Tower. Don’t worry that hitting accept will lock you into Dead Orbit, it won’t. Instead, it will send you next to Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult which is just above Arach in a sleek office marked by FWC banners. Hear her out, and then move back to the other side of the Tower in the bazaar which is where Executor Hideo of the New Monarchy is. After speaking to Executor Hideo, you now have permission to return to whatever faction leader you want and pledge to them. Think about this carefully, as you will be unable to switch to another faction throughout the duration of this rally in Destiny 2. Consider these factors when making your decision, and then go ahead and pick one by accepting the X Loyalty badge from the faction leader of your choosing.

After that, a new milestone will appear and you’ll be ready to start collecting tokens. You can get these tokens by completing public events, competing in the Crucible, beating strikes, and taking part and succeeding in the Leviathan raid. Also, by completing your daily faction milestone you can earn a bundle of them as well. You’ll notice that new supply related objectives will appear in various areas in Destiny 2 as well. You might be tasked with things such as securing supplies out in the field against increasingly difficult waves of enemies, or going into a lost sector and destroying supplies. Completing objectives such as these will increase your haul of tokens and give you a greater chance of getting the armor and weapons you want plus securing the overall victory.

That does it for how to join a faction in Destiny 2. Good luck out there this week! Check out our wiki for more on Destiny 2.

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