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Destiny 2: How to Find the Banner in the ‘A New Frontier’ Adventure


Destiny 2: How to Find the Banner in the ‘A New Frontier’ Adventure

Don’t be misled by the dialogue.

How to Find the Banner in ‘A New Frontier’ in Destiny 2

A New Frontier is the very first adventure you’ll take on once you land in the EDZ in Destiny 2. After getting acquainted with the sniper Devrim Kay, your Ghost will direct you to a beacon on the first floor of the church where you can start the adventure. The very first objective given to you in A New Frontier is to “Find the Banner.”

The directions given here are bit misleading, as you’re told that the banner is on the ground. What they actually mean is that the banner can be found on the ground floor of the church, which is where you already are. There should be a mission marker on your screen at this point, leading you to where the banner is. You can also bring up your Ghost to see the mission marker more clearly. It can be found on the brick wall near the entrance of the church. Go up to it, interact with it, and you’ll be able to progress further in the adventure and complete it.

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