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Destiny 2: How to Get Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots


Destiny 2: How to Get Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots

How to Get Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots in Destiny 2

The Orpheus Rig exotic Hunter boots are some seriously powerful armor in Destiny 2. While its Light (Power) level can vary depending on your level at the time that you get them, they have an incredibly powerful perk known as Uncanny Arrows. When you combine this with the Shadowshot super of the Nightstalker subclass, you’ve got some pretty handy boots!

Orpheus Rig’s Uncanny Arrows ability provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot anchors. As a result, if you get a ton of enemies tethered to the Nightstalker super, you can recharge your grenade, melee, and class special abilities and unleash them on your enemies while they’re sitting ducks.

In order to get Orpheus Rig in Destiny 2, you’ll, of course, want to be a Hunter. During our time with the game, we’ve found Orpheus Rig to come as a random drop from quests, as a reward for completing Heroic Public Events, and as a reward in the Crucible, too. It’s also worth noting that you could, if you’re lucky, get these powerful Hunter exotic boots as a reward from leveling up one of Destiny 2’s vendors.

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