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Destiny 2: How to Get to 300 Light (Power) Fast


Destiny 2: How to Get to 300 Light (Power) Fast

First Get to 265

How to Get to 300 Light Fast in Destiny 2

You’ve probably been seeing this number a lot lately while playing Destiny 2. Players are currently talking about it, and if you’re checking out guides on how to level up, chances are that a lot of your engrams are dropping at or around 265. That’s because 265 is the Light wall in your progression that makes getting to 300 a lot harder.

What do I mean by Light wall? Once you hit this number, your steady increases slow down drastically. Only specific activities offer rewards that go above and beyond. However, those activities still drop rewards according to your current Power Level. So while they may be higher than that 243 you’re at, they won’t necessarily be higher than 265. To give yourself a leg up on RNG, get to 265 simply by playing through the story, leveling up vendors, and farming public events.

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