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Destiny 2: Ending Explained


Destiny 2: Ending Explained

The Fate of Dominous Ghaul

Destiny 2 Ending Explained

The first part of Destiny 2’s ending revolves around the game’s final boss, Dominus Ghaul. Throughout the story you can see him conversing with the Speaker, trying to get insight into the Traveler in order to steal its light. The Cabal was once snubbed by the mysterious entity and denied its light. So Ghaul wanted to prove he was worthy.

In the end, Ghaul decided to just take the power by force, looking to make himself immortal. Due to this, he gains the power of the Guardians, mixing all of the different powers players have utilized throughout the journey in order to crush you once and for all. Of course, since it’s a boss fight, you win. Afterwards, Ghaul rises up as a huge, light-fueled juggernaut. He has become pure light, a truly powerful being that we would stand no chance against. But then something unexpected happens.

The Traveller wakes up and snuffs out Ghaul’s light, killing him in the process. The Traveller has returned and it will take its rightful place over the last city, protecting Earth and restoring the Tower.

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