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Destiny 2: How to Easily Break Enemy Energy Shields


Destiny 2: How to Easily Break Enemy Energy Shields

How to Easily Break Enemy Energy Shields in Destiny 2

If Destiny players wanted to take down shielded enemies more quickly than in the first game, they were taught to match the elemental damage of their weapon to the element of the shield their enemy was using. Using an arc damage weapon would tear down an arc shield quickly and ruin your foe’s defenses. While this concept has been carried over to Destiny 2, there is a notable difference you’ll want to keep in mind when finding the fastest way to easily break enemy energy shields.

In Destiny 2, all energy weapons will deal more damage to shields when compared to kinetic weapons. This means you don’t necessarily have to match the element if you want to tear the shield down quickly. Using energy weapons against energy shields in Destiny 2 will simply always be an effective strategy. While it will be effective, however, that doesn’t mean you should ignore elements. Destiny 2 still encourages players to match the element of enemy energy shields despite the fact that all energy weapons will have improved damage output.

Shooting an enemy energy shield with the same element will cause the energy shield to explode. This will ultimately stun the once shielded enemy and deal area-of-affect damage to other enemies who were near the explosion. So if you want the fastest and the most effective way to get rid of enemy energy shields while also dealing damage to any pesky minions, match the element types and fire away.

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