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Destiny 2: How to Get Auras (Buffs)


Destiny 2: How to Get Auras (Buffs)

How to Get Auras and Buffs in Destiny 2

When you’re looking at your Destiny 2 character in the menu and press the down button to shift through it, you’ll see an auras slot for your inventory. This is new to the game and it sort of acts as a buff for your character. Well, some do, others are just pretty. Auras go away after weekly resets, but they sure are neat to show off. Bragging rights, if you will. A pretty little badge of your accomplishments (that gets stripped away from you each week) that will show up cosmetically on your characters. There are different auras and buffs you can get, as you can probably imagine. Here are some that we’ve found out about.

Nightfall – Complete the Nightfall Strike on Prestige mode. You also get the High Risk, High Reward emblem.

Scout Commander – Start and complete the Scouting Patrol at the Farm.

Well-Rested – Automatically given to players each weekly reset.

We’ll definitely update this as we find more auras and buffs around the game. If you need any more help or have any questions, sound off in the comments below. Or, if you want to find the answer yourself, be sure to check out our big wiki with all sorts of guides on the game.

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