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Darkest Dungeon Is Being Teased for the Nintendo Switch by Its Developers


Darkest Dungeon Is Being Teased for the Nintendo Switch by Its Developers

Ayyy, we see what you did there!

Red Hook Studios, the company behind Darkest Dungeon, is teasing fans with a video of one of the game’s developers playing the title on a Nintendo Switch, and boy, are people excited.

The video went live on Red Hook’s Twitter page this morning showing off the game that released back in 2016. However, incorporating a sweet slow zoom out, the developers show that the characters on-screen are being controlled with a couple of gray joy-cons. Nice Red Hook, nice.

Not familiar with Darkest Dungeon? No problem. The Kickstarter-funded game boasts its “groundbreaking turn-based combat” as well as a little something called The Affliction System.

Characters’ stress levels respond dynamically to virtually every occurrence in the dungeon, both positive and negative. Coming across a rotting corpse may unnerve your Highwayman, or may fuel your Crusader’s determination. If the pressures of their circumstances become too overwhelming, their resolve is broken, and they will become afflicted with a myriad of psychological conditions ranging from paranoia, panic, greed, or even sadism.

The title is currently available on a majority of the current gen systems: PC, Linux, OSX, PS4, and PS Vita. But although this seems like a pretty solid indication that Switch owners can expect the game to be heading their way, there isn’t a confirmed date for anyone to scribble into their calendars. At least not yet.

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