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Cuphead: Is There Split Screen Co-op?


Cuphead: Is There Split Screen Co-op?

Is There Split Screen Co-op in Cuphead?

Cuphead is not an easy game by any means, so sometimes the best way to overcome one of the game’s difficult challenges is to bring in a partner. And sometimes you want that partner sitting on the couch right next to you for better communication, and so you can yell at each other in person if need be (it gets that real sometimes). Cuphead supports that type of play, which is why it offers couch co-op. In fact, it the only kind of co-op it offers is couch co-op.

Also, we should note that you and the other player will be sharing a screen. There’s no split-screen or anything of that nature in Cuphead. You and your friend are bound together, unable to explore separately. Which is fine and dandy since action tends to take place on one screen, and you shouldn’t be dawdling in one particular place.

There’s also no online co-op, so if you want to play with another person, sharing a screen is the only way to go.

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