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Cuphead: How to Change Weapons


Cuphead: How to Change Weapons

Choose wisely.

Changing Weapons in Cuphead

If you want to survive the grueling challenges that Cuphead has to offer, you’re most probably going to have to take a look at the weapons in the game, and pick the ones that best suit your given situation. Before you start changing your loadout, first you’re gonna need to actually purchase some. This can be done from the game’s store, where you can buy new weapons with the coins you’ve earned along the way.

Once you’ve purchased some you can pull up your Equip Card by pressing Y when in the overworld to choose the weapons you want. Cuphead comes with two weapon slots, which means that you can carry two pieces of equipment at any point in time. To swap between the two equipped weapons, all you have to do is tap the LB button while you’re in a level.

However, do take note that you can’t change your weapon loadout when you’re already in a level. You can only swap between the two that you’ve got. This means that you need to finalize your weapon selection before going into a level, or you’ll have to reset your progress if you really want to change things up, so choose carefully.

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