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Is Cuphead Coming to PS4?


Is Cuphead Coming to PS4?

Is Cuphead Coming to PS4?

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, is almost upon us, bringing with it a series of challenging boss fights and run and gun levels to fight through. Why? Because you’re helping Cuphead repay a debt to the devil, of course. With a range of weapons and abilities all with their pros and cons, a fabulous ’30s art style, and a co-op mode to boot, there’s plenty of reason to be intrigued by Cuphead. Yet, while we know that the game is coming to Xbox One and PC on Sept. 29, some players may be wondering if it’s coming to the PS4, as well.

Unfortunately, Studio MDHR back in July confirmed that the game would never be coming to the PS4 and will remain a PC and Xbox One exclusive. This was revealed by Studio MDHR’s Tyler Moldenhauer over on NeoGAF, whose identity was verified by Eurogamer with Studio MDHR. As such, if you’re absolutely dying to get your hands on the game, you’ll have to grab an Xbox One or PC to play it on.

We’ll be covering all of the tricky bits of Cuphead, as well as guiding you through the basics, so be sure to check back with us soon.

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