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Cuphead: How to Get Abilities and Perks


Cuphead: How to Get Abilities and Perks

How to Get Abilities in Cuphead

While Cuphead may just be a run and gun/platforming experience, there are some ways to make the titular character do some marvelous things. You can actually get new abilities that can give you an edge while playing through one of the challenging levels or intimidating bosses. Perks such as vanishing dashes, new weapon types, and powerful special attacks. How do you get them? Well, you simply buy them.

You can earn Gold Coins in Cuphead by finding them in levels and talking to certain NPCs who give them as gifts for your efforts. Once you have enough, head on over to Porkrind’s Emporium which can be found on each island. He’ll sell you various concoctions that can be equipped to change your weapon, EX, Super, and passive abilities. Do note that for certain slots you can only have one thing equipped and that while all have pros, they have cons as well. So make sure to read up before buying (things can get really expensive in Cuphead).

Once you make your purchases, head back out to the overworld and press “Y” to bring up your equip card. From here you can select from abilities you’ve purchased and slot them so you can use them when you jump into a level.

For more on Cuphead, keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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