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Top 10 Best Dynamic Duos in Gaming


Top 10 Best Dynamic Duos in Gaming

The dynamic duos that make up gaming’s greatest partnerships.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield

Best Dynamic Duos in Gaming

Fans of the Resident Evil series should well remember the awesome intro cutscene in which we were first introduced to Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The rookie cop and the sister of S.T.A.R.S member Chris Redfield met in a pulse-pounding chance encounter that almost ended before it began (always check the backseat for zombies, guys.. c’mon).

From that moment on, their relationship was a roller coaster ride of awkward voice acting and last-gasp saving of each other’s lives as the duo quickly grew from tentative newbies to ass-kicking tough-nuts. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine might have been the first double act of the franchise, but positive reception to this new partnership saw Leon and Claire both enjoy their very own highly successful sequels: Resident Evil Code Veronica was one of Dreamcast’s showpiece titles, and Resident Evil 4 is arguably the series’ high watermark.

Claire is defined by her intelligence and bravery, minus the silly over-sexualization that often spoils female protagonists in video games. And Leon’s measured, brave personality was enough of a distraction that we forgave his boy-band haircut (they later changed that middle parting, thank goodness).

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