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StarCraft Remastered: Beginner Terran Builds for TvP


StarCraft Remastered: Beginner Terran Builds for TvP

Beginner Terran Builds for Terran TvP in StarCraft: Remastered

Finding the best build to learn the basics in StarCraft: Remastered can be daunting. Despite StarCraft: Remastered coming out in 2017, Brood War has been around forever. The current balance for Brood War has been figured out for nearly two decades, and in that time, players have come up with many different strategies across all of the possible matchups, including Terran vs. Protoss (aka TvP). Picking out the right one when you don’t have much knowledge of the game can be tough. It might be tempting to go with a “cheese” build for easy wins by catching your opponent off guard, but if you want to learn the basics of TvP and the Terran race, it’s best to pick something out that’s more standard.

Liquidpedia, a long standing source for reliable StarCraft: Brood War builds and information is an excellent resource to get you started and we recommend you take a look here at some of the TvP builds they suggest. Out of the many they have, we recommend the following opening build: One Factory Fast Expand AKA the Siege Expand. There are a couple of variations of this build. The one we’re going to reference below is a safer one that gets the tank out first before building the second center.

What this build does is allows you to get your economy up and running quickly with a second base, while feeling somewhat safe behind a siege tank to protect it. Protoss units are very powerful, especially early on before a Terran player can get their tech/upgrades going, so unlike some of the other Terran builds where we recommend being on the offensive, for TvP, we prefer to play it a bit safe until you can get a steady stream of tanks with siege mode out. It’s extremely important though that you don’t forget to at least SCV scout at some point while you’re setting this up so that way you can see if they are being overly aggressive beyond what a siege tank can handle, and if you need to bolster your defenses. Or to see if they are being greedy (valuing economy heavily over an army) and if there’s an opportunity for you to punish that.

Below you can see the opener in its entirety (credit to Liquidpedia). This stops at the point where you get your second command center. As much as you may want something that can you follow all the way until the end of the game, recall back to our beginner tips & tricks. Having a set plan that takes you all the way to the end game is difficult and not very realistic, unless you’re playing a No Rush 20 Min game or something like that. You should have an opener like the one below to get you going, but after that, scout your opponent and react to what they have decided to do and figure out a plan for beating them. The Liquidpedia page for the Terran vs. Protoss matchup in Broodwar has more advanced tips for how you should transition plus other openers in case you want to try something different than what we recommend.

Note: The numbers are your supply in which you should begin building this unit/structure.  Remember you should be constantly building workers to increase your supply until you have your bases saturated. 

  • 9 Supply Depot
  • 12 Barracks
  • 12 Refinery
  • 15 Supply Depot
  • 16 Factory
  • 16 Marine
  • 22 Supply Depot
  • 24 Siege Tank and Siege Mode upgrade
  • 29 Command Center (you can choose to build this near your first base and lift it off later, or directly on your natural second base location depending on how safe you feel)

Good luck, have fun out there in StarCraft: Remastered and make the Terran dominion proud!

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