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Slime Rancher: How to Get Hexacomb


Slime Rancher: How to Get Hexacomb

Slime Science Resources are resources, like Hexacomb, found in Slime Rancher’s Far, Far Range that are used to create Curios, decorations, and other tech.

How to Get Hexacomb in Slime Rancher

Slime Science Resources are resources found in the environment of Far, Far Range that can be used to create Curios, decorations, and other technology to make obtaining slimes in Slime Rancher a little easier. A Hexacomb is one uncommon resource that can be found anywhere.

“Hexacomb is the results of bees arranging buzz wax into complex patterns to store their honey and eggs,” according to its Slimepedia entry. “Why the hexagonal shape? Bees understand that the hexagon is the shape of the future. Bees were Sci-Fi before it was cool.”

The resource can only be extracted from the environment by using an apiary. Apiary blueprints, along with other extractors, can be bought from the builder’s shop, found in treasure pods from the Glass Desert, or obtaining a certain rank from the 7Zee Rewards Club.

Hexacomb can also be found in two treasure chests in the Moss Blanket and one in the Ancient Ruins. Crystal, Dervish, Hunter, Mosaic, and Tangle Gordos in the wild can also drop crates containing the resource.

Here are all the recipes that require Hexacomb:


  • Echo Net
  • Googly Fashion Pod
  • Serious Fashion Pod
  • Shady Fashion Pod
  • Royal Fashion Pod


  • Coral Grass Patch
  • Minty Grass Patch
  • Verdant Grass Patch
  • Wildflower Patch
  • Crystal Sconce
  • Jumbo Shroom
  • Palm Sprout
  • Palm Tree


  • Master Gordo Snare
  • Potted Tactus

Warp Tech

  • Amber Teleporter
  • Blue Teleporter
  • Green Teleporter
  • Pink Teleporter
  • Market Link
  • Refinery Link

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