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PUBG: How to Go Prone and Lay Down


PUBG: How to Go Prone and Lay Down

How to Go Prone and Lay Down in PUBG

PUBG is a game of movement, shooting, and patience. For that reason, the prone function is an extremely useful asset that you must use to in order to be effective. Laying down flat will partially conceal you from enemies and make your shooting much more accurate.

The default key that is bound to the prone function is “Z.” Like every control key in the game, however, you can change this to bind with a different key if it is your preference to do so.

Do keep in mind that although laying down flat will increase your camouflage, it is not an invisibility cloak. Enemies can still see your head in all but long grass or bushes. The prone position is extremely effective when used in combination with dark surfaces or just behind the peak of slight rises in the map.

The major disadvantage is your limited ability to move and avoid incoming fire once spotted. Unlike the Arma series, PUBG does not have an option to roll when lying flat.

That is all you need to know about how to prone in PUBG. For more useful guides and tips, check our ever expanding wiki page.

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