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Observer From Bloober Team Launches Today and Gets a New Trailer

Observer Cybernetics


Observer From Bloober Team Launches Today and Gets a New Trailer

Celebrate the launch of this cyberpunk masterpiece with this new trailer.

Observer launches today, and Aspyr Media is celebrating with a trailer. I’ve had the opportunity to play the game, and it’s fantastic, and the footage below does an excellent job of conveying the cyberpunk aesthetic and feeling of dread Observer provides.

Bloober Team’s second outing is a refinement of the horror of its first title, Layers of Fear. You play detective Daniel Lazarski who is part of a branch of the police called Observers. The year is 2084, and the setting is Krakow, Poland, and cybernetics are ubiquitous, including neural implants. Observers can jack into these implants and read the thoughts and memories of civilians, at the cost of increasing psychosis.

In Observer you’ll spend most of the game looking for your son, Adam, who after frantically calling you disappears. You trace his call and arrive at a dilapidated tenement building only for it to be locked down. You then must piece together what happened to Adam by exploring the building and meeting the weird and mysterious denizens that live there.

If you’re into William Gibson, Blade Runner, or any cyberpunk at all, this is a must-play game. Also, it’s just a great sci-fi story in general. You can get Observer now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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