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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Four New Sacred Stones Characters

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Four New Sacred Stones Characters

Unfortunately there’s still no sign of Lute.

Fans of Fire Emblem’s Game Boy Advance days rejoice! The newest Fire Emblem Heroes summoning banner adds four characters from 2004’s The Sacred Stones to the roster.

The happy-go-lucky recruit Emilia, stoic knight Seth, arrogant Prince Innes, and his peppy sister Tana will all be available as focus heroes until Aug. 31. This is the first new banner to feature Sacred Stones characters since the protagonists Eirika and Ephraim were added way back in February. The banner starts two weeks before Valter, one of the game’s primary antagonists, can be challenged in a Grand Hero Battle.

Each of the new characters have intriguing skillsets. Emilia’s base kit focuses heavily on keeping her defense high, and her Armor March skill will make her a must for increasingly popular “Armor Emblem” teams. The paladin Seth also comes equipped with defense oriented skills and a ruby sword, but the real prize here seems to be the prince and princess of Freila. Both Innes and Tana wield legendary weapons, the Nidhogg bow and Vidofnir lance, respectively. Those weapons aren’t able to be passed down through the game’s skill inheritance mechanic, so the only characters who can wield them are the Freilian royal siblings.

In addition to the new characters, an additional paralogue chapter will allow players to challenge the characters. Defeating each stage will give players an additional orb to be used for summoning.

You can watch the full trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes’s The Sacred World heroes below.

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