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NBA 2K18: Top 5 Best All-Time Team Rosters and Players


NBA 2K18: Top 5 Best All-Time Team Rosters and Players

The cream of the crop.

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Detroit Pistons

NBA 2K18: Top 5 Best All-Time Team Rosters and Players

Now let’s kick this off by saying limiting this list to just five was pretty tough. I think the next four are not debatable personally, but the Pistons who we have first on this list, could have definitely been swapped out with a number of different teams. The NBA 2K18 all-time team for the Pistons might lack some big star power if you stack it up next to a team like say the Golden State Warriors who is definitely the sexy team these days, but they make up for it in depth, and just all-time toughness.

The roster just never falls off the ratings cliff like some other teams do. You have those 80s-era Pistons led by Isiah Thomas mixed with the super deep and balanced team from the 2000s that shocked everyone by beating the Lakers. Between Big Ben Wallace and Dennis Rodman on the glass rebounds shouldn’t be an issue and you’ll have Billups and Hamilton to fire long distance shots. The Pistons are just very deep and well-balanced across all positions which gave them the edge over some other teams that didn’t make the cut.

Note: All player ratings in this article are via Game Informer.
Isiah Thomas – 96
Joe Dumars – 93
Grant Hill – 93
Ben Wallace – 89
Bob Lanier –  93
Chauncey Billups – 91
Jerry Stackhouse – 89
Richard Hamilton – 89
Dave Debusschere – 89
Dennis Rodman – 89
Bill Laimbeer – 87
Andre Drummond – 85
Vinnie Johnson – 83
Rick Mahorn – 80

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