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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Use the Tacticam


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Use the Tacticam

Plan carefully.

Using the Tacticam in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

The Tacticam is useful feature that allows you to get a good look at the map before starting a battle in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Right before a match starts, the game will give you the option to prepare for battle. By selecting that option, you’ll automatically be placed into Tacticam mode, where you can examine the terrain, as well as your enemies and their abilities. From this screen, you can also enter the Battle HQ to purchase any upgrades you might need, or change up your team composition.

During a battle, you can also activate Tacticam mode when it’s your turn. All you have to do is press the X button, and you’ll get the same top-down view of the entire map. This is especially helpful when you’re planning your next move, and you can even highlight an enemy to see their cell movement range and potential attacking range. We definitely recommend using this feature as often as possible during a battle, as it can help you plan out better strategies.

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About Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Kingdom Battle is a tactical RPG developed by Ubisoft exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. After the crazy Rabbids land in the Mushroom Kingdom, they team up with Mario and friends to restore peace to the land.

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