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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Beat the Icicle Golem Boss


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: How to Beat the Icicle Golem Boss

Stay frosty.

How to Beat the Icicle Golem Boss in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

The Icicle Golem is the main boss of the second world and is one of the fights in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle that forces you to play with a certain team composition. For this fight, you’ll have Peach join your team, along with whoever you had in your second team slot. For me, it was Rabbid Peach.

The first phase of this Kingdom Battle boss fight is simple enough, and you should focus your attacks on the Icicle Golem as much as possible. Do be careful with Peach’s weapon, as it has a wide hit area, and could damage your allies if they’re in her line of fire. Peach can also hit enemies behind cover with the Grenaduck, so if you want to take out regular enemies during this phase, she’s a pretty good option for that. I recommend using her Protection technique at the end of the first turn, just so you can reduce the damage taken, and respond more aggressively in the next turn as Rabbid Peach heals everyone up.

The Icicle Golem will inch forward slowly with each turn, but you should be able to burn his health down pretty quickly. After doing so, the second phase will start, and Smashers still start spawning. Make the Smashers your priority, as they can get out of hand very quickly if you let them live long enough. The Icicle Golem also gets a lot more aggressive during this phase, and his attacks can freeze you, locking out your techniques for the next turn. This phase isn’t too bad as long as you take out the Smashers first, and then continue hitting the Icicle Golem. If a teammate does get frozen, you can get Peach to perform a team jump on them to remove the super effect. When Peach lands from a jump, she restores a bit of health to herself and any allies near her.

During the third phase of this Kingdom Battle boss fight, the Icicle Golem will jump to the back of the map, and more enemies will spawn. Make use of the pipes near the edge of the map to get to the Icicle Golem quickly, and take out any enemies in your way. This phase is pretty similar to the last, and shouldn’t be too difficult if you have both Peaches playing defensively. After draining the boss’s health, a small snow monster will pop out onto the field. All you have to do is dash to damage it, and the fight will end.

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