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Madden 18: How to Create a Team


Madden 18: How to Create a Team

Welcome to this guide, fellow Madden 18 fan. If you’re visiting this page, you’re probably wondering if you can create teams in Madden NFL 18. Unfortunately, Create a Team is still missing and was something that EA Tiburon decided not to add. The same goes for expansion teams in Franchise Mode, by the way. Create a player still exists for you to add a made up player to a roster just for kicks and if you want, you can play as that player in Franchise, but that’s as good as it gets in Madden 18.

Instead of sending you off disappointed, though, there are a couple of alternatives you should consider.

Petition EA Tiburon/EA Sports

Hey, we’re another year in and still no Create a Team. So instead of sitting around being sad about it, take the time to write a polite email to the folks over at EA and express your desire for a return of the mode. If that’s not your thing, find a developer on Twitter to (again, politely, please) make your feelings known about Create a Team. If they see that enough fans want it back, maybe they’ll take the time to find a way to make it happen for Madden NFL 19.

Create an Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is the next best thing in Madden 18 to creating your own team from scratch. You’ll be putting together your own team of your favorite players, pick a team name, and pick your own uniforms that are available online. If you don’t like any of the NFL ones, completing Longshot unlocks a few extra ones for you.

You can take this team online and play against friends and other players, or stay offline and complete various challenges against the AI. Although it can be a little pushy with the micro-transactions, it’s actually quite fun, so consider giving it a try.

Relocate your team in Franchise Mode

If MUT isn’t your thing, this is the next best thing in Madden 18. Pick a team with an unfortunate stadium situation such as the Raiders. Follow our guide for how to relocate and get the gears turning on that ASAP in your Franchise. Emulate the Create a Team feel by doing a fantasy draft too. After you get the relocation approved, you can then pick from a few select cities, and customize your uniform. It’s not ideal, but its the closest thing to doing Create a Team in Franchise Mode.

Play Madden 12

Yeah, if what you really want is the original create a team feature, then go hit up EBay or Amazon and see if you can find an old copy of Madden 12. The Giants beat the Patriots that year, and thus it was a better time for all of us, especially on this dark year where Tom Brady is on the cover. Hell, as a New Yorker I might just do this myself this year.

That does for it your options for creating a team in Madden 18. Hopefully that helps a little!

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