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Everything We Learned From the Super Mario Odyssey Gamescom Stream


Everything We Learned From the Super Mario Odyssey Gamescom Stream

Mario continues to impress.

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Super Mario Odyssey


Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Odyssey fast approaches, and it looks set to once again redefine the platforming genre. Mario has a whole bunch of new tricks up his sleeve (and in his hat) that we’ve already seen him use to traverse gorgeous sandbox Kingdom’s like New Donk City. Armed with Mario’s throwable “Cappy” and transitioning between 3D and pixelated 2D platforming are just some of the clever mechanics that have us hugely excited.

Now, taking to the stage at this year’s Gamescom, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi talked audiences through more gameplay and dropped some new information along the way. Let’s break down what we saw from the gameplay demonstration.

Before blasting off to the newly introduced Luncheon Kingdom, Mr Koizumi, first of all, confirmed that unlike in previous titles such as Mario Sunshine there is no central hub world in Super Mario Odyssey. Instead, Mario flies directly between Kingdoms via the Odyssey ship, which he charges with Power Moons that are found throughout each Kingdom. The Power Moons were later said to be numerous in number and often difficult to find, adding extra incentive to explore each Kingdom in greater detail.

After he shared that tidbit it was time to explore the new area and learn some new things about Super Mario Odyssey’s gameplay.

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