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Top 5 Best Games of July 2017, According to Metacritic


Top 5 Best Games of July 2017, According to Metacritic

Best of July.

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5) Superhot (PlayStation 4) – Metacritic Score: 84

While it looks like a first-person shooter with a unique visual style, Superhot resembles a puzzle game far more than you might expect. The game’s main mechanic is that time only moves when you do so, with quick and precise movements, you need to take out the glowing red enemies with the tools and weapons at your disposal in each short level.

It may have come to PC more than a year ago but critics still praised the PlayStation 4 version for the unique, memorable moments it creates and the imaginative style that puts emphasis on trial and error to complete many of the stages. The slow-motion shooter is consistently fun and the puzzle style makes you think more than most other first-person shooters. The game is also completely immersive and thrilling in virtual reality on PlayStation VR.

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