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Splatoon 2: How to Redeem Salmon Run Bonuses & Rewards


Splatoon 2: How to Redeem Salmon Run Bonuses & Rewards

The rewards are well worth the effort.

How to Redeem Salmon Run Bonuses and Rewards in Splatoon 2

Salmon Run is a limited time mode in Splatoon 2, but if you do well enough to progress through the various tiers, you can earn enough points to unlock bonuses. Every bonus and reward is locked, and you’ll have to accumulate enough points to unlock them as you go along. Another thing to note is that these bonuses are only available for a limited time as well, which means that you could lose out on them for a very long while if you don’t earn and redeem them before the mode goes away again.

After each Salmon Run match, you’ll see the total number of points you’ve earned so far, along with the rewards that get unlocked with it. To actually redeem these Salmon Run rewards, you need to go back to Inkopolis Square and head to the small counter right next to the Grizzco building. Interact with the counter by pressing A, and you’ll see all of the Salmon Run rewards you’ve unlocked, and all cosmetic items will be placed in your inventory. Cosmetic items can be used in multiplayer matches, and they’re definitely worth the effort.

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More About Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is the follow-up to Splatoon, the inky shooter game released on the Wii U two years ago. Take control of a kid, splat your enemies with ink, and transform into a squid whenever you feel like it.

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