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Splatoon 2: All Sunken Scroll Locations


Splatoon 2: All Sunken Scroll Locations

Tentakeel Outpost Sunken Scrolls

Splatoon 2: All Sunken Scroll Locations

Splatoon 2 has a lot going on from various, ink-firing weapons, to an awesome wardrobe of clothing options, and some interesting new game modes to dive into on the Nintendo Switch. There is also a fair amount of collectibles, and that includes Sunken Scrolls which help expand the lore of Splatoon 2. There are quite a few Sunken Scrolls hidden in the game and we’re going to list them all with descriptions to make your life a lot easier, starting with the first area: Tentakeel Outpost.

There are four Sunken Scrolls in this world.

Overworld – To the right of the area with all the platforms is a floating yellow balloon. Shoot it and it will reappear somewhere else, just keep following its path until you destroy the final one. We suggest painting the floor as much as you can first to make movement faster. If you fail, it just respawns to its first spot.

Return of the Octarians – After the area where you drop through a grate through some rings, check behind for a thin platform with an orange crate on it. You’ll need to drop down and then use ink to swim up the nearby wall.

Welcome to Octopia – Continue through the level until you come across the shielded enemy that’s above you on a grate. Take it down, but then drop to the area below to find an orange crate.

Sunset Octocopter – This is the first level where the Sunken Scroll is found after the Sardinium. Continue until you’re almost at the end of the level. There will be a wall that’s covered in purple paint with two rollers that come out every few seconds. Pass this obstacle, then make your way around the pillar to the side. There’s a speed pad on it, just paint the wall, swim up to the speed pad, and break the crate on top. 

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