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Let’s Speculate What Overwatch’s Next Defense Hero Could Be Like


Let’s Speculate What Overwatch’s Next Defense Hero Could Be Like

The defense class could use some loving.


The latest Overwatch hero Doomfist has just arrived, and despite previous speculation, it turns out he is an offense hero. The three other new characters released thus far have been support with Ana, offense with Sombra, and tank with Orisa. Many believed Doomfist would be placed under the tank class since in-game teases made him out to be a larger and crowd-controlling type character, or defense since it the last remaining category that’s yet to receive a new character post-launch.

The defense class itself is extremely fickle, as the main description for their role revolves around specializing in area denial, utilizing long-range weapons, and creating machine-like turrets to guard critical points. Overwatch heroes like Hanzo and Widowmaker can easily take down foes from a distance, while Mei and Junkrat can create walls or deploy traps that can disrupt opponents from entering a certain area.

In spite of this, defense heroes can also act as offensive units since most of their kits are quite versatile. While most players might rage at a Widowmaker on attack, there’s no denying that a skilled sniper could easily take down squishier heroes on a control point to create some leeway for their team. Similarly, if players can work together and make an opening, a Bastion or Torbjorn can set up their defenses on the payload and, in turn, create a weaponized vehicle.

Keeping this in mind, Blizzard has a wealth of options to choose from when creating a new defense hero. Here are a few ideas on how that character could function if Blizzard plans on releasing a future character under this category, which it undeniably will.

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