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How to Play the Destiny 2 Beta With Friends


How to Play the Destiny 2 Beta With Friends

How to play the Destiny 2 Beta With Friends

The Destiny 2 Beta is rolling out this week (starting today with the PS4 Closed Beta) and Guardians around the world are diving into the next phase of Bungie’s shared world shooter. Of course, as anyone who has poured countless of hours into the first game can attest to, Destiny is much more fun with friends. You can actually play the Destiny 2 beta with friends, although it’s not as easy as the last time.

This time around Bungie only provided one code, so you can’t instantly just give a buddy an extra to get them in. One way to get the beta is to pre-order in order to get a code for the closed beta that is running on PS4 and Xbox One until July 21. Alternatively, your friend can wait until that day to join the open beta (no code needed in that case).

Once you both have the Destiny 2 beta installed and you’re all logged in, one of you needs to press Triangle/Y while floating in space (you gain access after completing the story mission) in order to bring up your Roster. This shows all your friends who are currently online (make sure neither status is set to appear offline on your PS4 or Xbox One). Find your friend and press X to bring up details, then choose invite to Fireteam. Do note that you’ll both need active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play.

That’s all there is to it, now you can play the Destiny 2 beta with your friends (or enemies).

Have fun, Guardians.

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