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Fortnite: How to Get Coal


Fortnite: How to Get Coal

How to Get Coal in Fortnite

There some materials in Fortnite, like wood and brick, that are incredibly easy to come by. Even materials like nuts ‘n’ bolts and twine are pretty easy to stumble upon if you just spend a little time looking in the right places. Coal, however, is a tricky material that is far harder to simply come across in your journey by accident. The good news is that coal is far from being a challenge to get and it’s not a material that should be considered rare or incredibly uncommon.

While coal can be found in random crates and various different kinds of containers throughout the game, there is only one place to head if you want the best chance at success and the answer actually makes a lot of sense. If you want coal, you have to mine it from inside a cave. If you find a cave in the game just head inside and you’ll likely find some dark chunks of rock. These are actually coal deposits. They could be clinging to the wall or even hanging on the ceiling. Once you’ve spotted some coal, just take out your trusty pickaxe and get to work.

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