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Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Change and Set Gambits


Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Change and Set Gambits

A new system comes into play.

Changing and Setting Gambits in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Weirdly enough, the first mention of Gambits in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age comes up when Penelo talks very briefly about it in the Nomad Village. She tells you that Gambits can be extremely useful in managing battles, but then refuses to say anymore about it, and leaves you to your own devices. It’s not till about an hour later that Balthier finally enters the picture and gives you a proper tutorial on how to use these things.

First off, Gambits are like pre-set actions you can take in battle. For instance, you can give characters a specific Gambit that allows them to cast a certain spell on particular enemies whenever they’re in battle. You can also get characters to automatically use Potions on allies who are below a certain amount of health. To do this, press triangle to open up your Party menu, and go to the Gambits sub-menu. This will bring up a list of actions for all of your party members.

Choose the Targets option and select a desired target (can be an enemy type or an ally) for your new Gambit, and then set the action that you want to go along with it. Do note that new Targets and ability actions can be unlocked over the course of the game, and you’ll get more of them as you learn new abilities. After that, you can also prioritize your Gambits by re-organizing their order, with the most critical one being at the top. Once you have all of them set, simply leave the menu.

During battle, you can turn your Gambits on and off by toggling them through the combat menu as well.

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