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Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Save in Trial Mode


Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Save in Trial Mode

How to Save in Trial Mode in Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age brings a wealth of new changes, some brand new and some carried over from the international version of the game.  One feature carried over is Trial Mode, a gauntlet of battles that has you going up against wave after wave of strengthening monsters and bosses. There are a whopping 100 levels to Trial Mode, so you’ll no doubt want to know if you can save your progress partway through. Luckily, the answer to that is yes.

Every 10 levels in Trial Mode, you’ll be given the option of saving your game. Keep in mind, however, that each 10th battle is generally a challenging boss battle from Zodiac Age. You’ll go up against a wealth of enemies from across Zodiac Age including different Espers and Judge Magisters. Even better, you’ll get to keep any loot you’ve unlocked in Trial Mode for use in the main story, as well as License Points and XP. It’s a good idea to spend a little time playing through the trials alongside the main game, as it can help give you an edge. The later battles, of course, offer some of the biggest challenges in all of Final Fantasy XII.

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