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Top 20 Easiest PS4 Trophies & Platinums of 2017


Top 20 Easiest PS4 Trophies & Platinums of 2017

Tekken 7

Easiest PS4 Trophies & Platinums of 2017 So Far

tekken 7, tekken bowl

When a fighter comes to consoles, it’s usually accompanied by a pretty challenging trophy list. Yet, when Tekken 7 released on the PS4 just last month, trophy hunters were pleasantly surprised to find a list that could be easily cleared in the space of a weekend.

Tekken 7’s trophy list consists of 43 trophies including its platinum, and many of these will be unlocked simply by advancing through the game’s story. You’ll finally reach the conclusion of the Mishima family feud, as the devil gene takes center stage once more. The rest of the trophies are fairly easy to clear out, too. Many can be unlocked in the game’s practice mode, and the others don’t take much skill to unlock. Plus, for a bit of extra help, you can always check out our trophy guide!

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