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11 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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11 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Get up to date before the latest adventure drops.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was shown off at Sony’s E3 press conference, and we were treated to a closed doors presentation of the game on the show floor where we got to see more gameplay footage of Naughty Dog’s latest outing. Here are some quick facts we learned during the presentation:

  1. The grappling hook is still a thing. Chloe can latch on to far-off branches to swing across gaps when needed.
  2. Lost Legacy’s main antagonist is a bearded, bespectacled, bad guy. We don’t know his name yet.
  3. Chloe and Nadine are in search of an ancient Indian artifact called the Golden Tusk of Ganesh. It’s an artifact of great value and power, obviously.
  4. Chloe is the main protagonist of the game, and Nadine won’t be playable.
  5. Chloe plays exactly the same as Nathan Drake. She’s got her weapons, her melee attacks, but no real unique trait or feature that properly distinguishes her from Nate. At least from a gameplay perspective.
  6. Naughty Dog wanted Lost Legacy to stick with the core gameplay of Uncharted, which would explain why there aren’t any gameplay differences between her and Nate.
  7. However, Naughty Dog also stated that they took care to make sure that Chloe’s animations were distinguishable from Nate’s. The way she moves, climbs, and fights are all unique to her, and she’s animated in a way that really brings out her personality and character.
  8. Chloe and Nadine aren’t friends, though their push and pull relationship will develop over the course of the game.
  9. After the events of Uncharted 4, Nadine lost control of Shoreline and went off by herself. Chloe tracked Nadine down (with her connections in the shady treasure hunting world) to get her to help with locating the artifact.
  10. Nadine is intended to be portrayed as someone who’s significantly tougher (physically) than Chloe because she isn’t just some thief or mercenary; she’s a soldier.
  11. Puzzles will be featured in Lost Leagcy in a big way.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is set to be released exclusively for the PS4 on Aug. 22.

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