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Twinfinite’s Best Games of E3 2017


Twinfinite’s Best Games of E3 2017

The best of the event.


When Spider-Man was first announced at E3 2016 it was met with excitement and a bit of worry. The worry didn’t stem from the developer or anything of the sort, though. With Insomniac taking the helm of everyone’s favorite web-slinger, we knew that a studio well versed in action and traversal would be in control. Still, Spider-Man has had a checkered history when it comes to video games, with only a few entries standing out as legitimately good games, and the rest being clear tie-in cash grabs.

Fortunately enough, at E3 2017 we actually got to see the game in action for the first time and even sat down with the game’s creative director. The studio’s adamant stance on respecting the source material yet mixing it up where appropriate is helping the game shape up into one seriously impressive superhero title. The action in the demo that we were shown is reminiscent of all the best parts of Spider-Man 2 (a movie tie-in that was an exceptionally good licensed game) and Rocksteady’s Arkham series. When discussing the story, Insomniac is serious about making this a true Spider-Man/Peter Parker story that will explore the human behind the hero, and even give us deeper insight into some of the villains.

It’s good to see the property treated as more than just a simple license and rather a property in need of a great, fun experience. After our time checking it out and talking with the minds behind the upcoming project, it easily became one of our favorite games of the entire event.

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