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Top 5 Best 4K TVs for Gaming Right Now


Top 5 Best 4K TVs for Gaming Right Now

Cutting through the jargon: the five best options for gamers.

Editor’s note: All prices listed in this feature are from unless specified otherwise.

4K gaming is here and it is destined to be the golden standard of graphical fidelity moving forward. Sony went first with its PS4 Pro, and Microsoft is soon to arrive with its uber powerful Xbox One X. Both consoles have souped up performance, but to get the most out of them, you’re going to need a 4K display.

Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy as it ought to be. 4K, HDR, UHD, Quantum dot, color gamut; the electronics industry wants everyone on board with the latest technology, but the buzzwords aren’t exactly consumer-friendly.

Fear not! Twinfinite has you covered with a breakdown of the five best 4K televisions for gaming. Before we dive in, though, it’s worth quickly reminding ourselves exactly what defines a good gaming television.

Low input lag is an absolute must. Input lag is the delay between executing an action and how quickly that is then represented on the TV. We’re talking milliseconds here, but that can make all the difference in how responsive the game feels. It’s especially important for fast-paced shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The above rules work similarly for 4K as they did for 1080p TVs, though things are made slightly more complicated by the extra demands of High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR is another big game changer. It dramatically improves the range of light to dark shades in a given image’s color palette, producing a more vivid picture quality. If a non-HDR TV’s picture was represented as a single image, HDR would be like three separate identical images overlaid on top of each other. Because each of these images is dedicated to a different level of contrast, combining them produces a deeper, contrasted final image with much more clarity than normal HD.

Unsurprisingly, HDR means more work for the TV and a higher input lag as result. It’s worth noting that while most TVs will feature a “game mode,” this mode sometimes excludes the HDR function in favor of a lower input lag. Up until recently, there have been very few affordable 4K televisions that boast both HDR and a super low input lag.

So with that out of the way, let’s dive into our picks for the five best 4K TVs for gaming.

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