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Tekken 7: How to Get All Trophies and Achievements


Tekken 7: How to Get All Trophies and Achievements

How to Get All Trophies and Achievements in Tekken 7

With Tekken 7, players are finally given a chance to put an end to the Mishima family feud once and for all. With a roster of over 30 characters, a bunch of different modes, and the whole thing running on Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 is the most comprehensive title in the series to date. Of course, just like any other game, Tekken 7 has its own list of trophies and achievements for players to unlock as they play. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of all of them, including exactly what you need to do to unlock each one.

I’ll Get Everything Back! (Platinum/ 10G) – Unlock all other trophies/ achievements in the game

Yeah! I Did It! (Bronze/ 15G) – Win a ranked match online. To do this, simply select the option from the Online menu and win a match against another player online.

Not Bad (Bronze/ 15G) – Won a player match online.

Okay! I’m Ready! (Bronze/ 15G) – Won a battle in online tournament. Simply enter into an online tournament and win a battle.

Come and Get Some, I Dare You! (Bronze/ 15G) – Fought ten online battles. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, simply play 10 online games and this achievement is yours.

Instant Annihilation (Bronze/ 15G) – Won three times consecutively in Treasure Battle. Under Offline Modes, you’ll find Treasure Battle. Beat three AI opponents in a row to unlock this one.

Wow, I’m Pretty Strong (Silver/ 30G) – Won three special matches in Treasure Battle. After winning consecutive matches in Treasure Battle, Tekken 7 will put you in a match with special rules or a match where you’ll take on a special opponent. Win three of these.

Cool! (Bronze/ 15G) – Obtained 20 treasure boxes. You can obtain treasure boxes easily in Treasure Battle. Win 20 matches in this mode and you’ll unlock this trophy.

You Think You’re Tougher Than Me? (Bronze/ 10G) – Finish the prologue of the main story.

Let’s Do This (Silver/ 20G) – Finished chapter 1 of the main story.

You Challenge Me?! (Bronze/ 15G) – Finish chapter 8 of the main story.

I Can’t Accept This Fate (Silver/ 30G) – Finished chapter 13 of the main story.

It’s Time For You To Meet Your End! (Gold/ 90G) – Watched the epilogue of the main story.

I Demand To Know The Truth! (Bronze/ 15G) – Finished three Character Episode stories. These unlock as you play through the story. Each one is very short and should only take you a couple of minutes. Finish any three of them.

Lightning of Fate (Silver/ 30G) – Finished 10 Character Episode stories. Just like the previous one, except you need to do seven more.

I’ve Finally Found You! (Gold/ 90G) – Obtained 50 treasure boxes. Same as the ‘Cool!’ achievement, just keep winning matches in Treasure Battle and you’ll eventually unlock this.

The Prosperous Inevitably Decline (Bronze/ 10G) – Beat Akuma in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle. This is much easier said than done, as he pulls no punches. He’s completely random, but if you come across him during Arcade, you can at least retry. We recommend playing with a character you’re very comfortable with that can do well in mid-close range combat. He can be easier in Arcade mode if you get him in an early round. He’s always tough in Treasure Battle.

Fear My Wrath (Bronze/ 10G) – Beat Devil Kazumi in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle. Just like with Akuma, this is a tough fight. She’ll transform halfway through the fight, and deals an insane amount of damage. Play conservatively and you should be fine. She is commonly the final boss in Arcade mode, and you can retry the fight if you lose.

Don’t Take It Personally (Bronze/ 10G) – Achieved a perfect victory. For this one, simply don’t get hit a single time by your opponent during a single round. This can only be unlocked by achieving a perfect victory in any mode other than an offline VS battle.

You Fought Well (Bronze/ 10G) – Achieved a great victory. You’ll need to win the game with a slither of health remaining. You cannot unlock this in offline VS battle mode.

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