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Tekken 7: How to Beat Akuma in the Special Chapter


Tekken 7: How to Beat Akuma in the Special Chapter

How to Beat Akuma in Tekken 7’s Special Chapter

After beating the main story of Tekken 7, players will unlock a final fight called the Special Chapter. This secret confrontation takes place in the Hell Pit between Devil Kazuya and Akuma. It isn’t necessarily a very difficult fight, but the end of it can be tricky since you must act fast to actually claim the victory.

Devil Kazuya has several abilities that can help you out. He can take to the sky and fire a powerful beam of heat, and you have your Devil Fist which can wreak havoc if you manage to connect. You don’t want to be overeager though, as Akuma is very fast and very powerful. He’ll also spam his Ashura Senku ability (that annoying dodge of his that allows him to go through attacks and even through Kazuya). Openings that you can take advantage of are after he throws two punches when coming in close or when he’s far, which is when you can use your flying beam ability. Just keep lowering his health and when Akuma is almost down, it’s time to finish him off.

During this part you’ll both end up at opposite ends of the screen. Akuma will trigger his Raging Demon and the only way to escape it is to trigger your own Rage Art (default input is R1/RB). You have to trigger it once he starts moving as you only have about a second. If you pressed it in time, you’ll get to watch a cutscene of you emerging victorious.

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