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New Fire Emblem Heroes “Tempest Trials” Event Awards Players with Marth and More


New Fire Emblem Heroes “Tempest Trials” Event Awards Players with Marth and More

Brave the grueling battles for Marth.

Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account has announced the new Tempest Trials event for Fire Emblem Heroes. These maps will go live on June 8 and will provide players with new challenges and rewards for their efforts.

For the Fire Emblem Heroes event, this Reddit post explains that fans will be taking on a series of high-difficulty maps. You can select through various difficulties which not only affect the strength of enemies but also alters the different number of maps and availability of deployable units.

Special rewards will then be awarded depending on the total score you earned during the event period. This specific score will be given if you manage to clear the final map and is based on the following: total maps cleared, how fast you cleared them, and the number of units still alive. If you find yourself wanting a higher score, you can simply retake the challenge.

Fans will still be rated with a smaller score even if all of their units are defeated before they finish the trials. However, this will only be based on the number of maps that they had cleared up to that point. Listed below are some of the available rewards:

  • Marth: Enigmatic Blade (4-star Hero)
  • Marth: Enigmatic Blade (5-star Hero)
  • Sacred Seal: Breath of Life 1 (if unit initiates attack, adjacent allies recover 3HP after combat.)
  • Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse (Special cooldown count –1 at start of Turn 1.)

Keep in mind that defeated allies cannot be revived in the Tempest Trials so they are unusable until you clear the last map or your entire team is wiped out. If players manage to score 1 billion points worldwide within the first five days (June 13), Nintendo will reward Fire Emblem Heroes players with 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers.


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